Who is David Manning? Written by Administrator

David Manning achieved great levels of success at a young age. First he set many Texas wrestling records as a State Champion. He later became one of the top sports promoters worldwide and was one of the key pioneers to lead professional wrestling to a New Era and the billion-dollar industry it is today. He was Television host for the Dallas Easter Seals Telethon for 15 years. David Manning is now the proud owner of three network-marketing companies. David started TraVerus Travel in 2002 and the company is now a successful Debt free company and is one of the top Travel companies in the travel industry. David started HI5 Inc., a weight management and energy company, in 2010. Hi5 quickly attracted some of the top leaders in the Network Industry. The company's leading edge products in weight loss and energy plus a dynamic compensation plan leaves no doubt Hi5 will be one of the fastest growing companies in the network industry. David is now an owner and Chairman of the Board for 5 Continents Network LLC (5C Network LLC,). 5 Continents Network LLC will offer most of the services people use on a daily basis. The company will launch with Cell phone programs, Direct TV, Clear Internet, Video phones, home security system, and a travel club. David will soon be introducing plans to bring Electricity and Gas in 2011.

The question that David is asked the most is, "how can one person run three major companies." David's answer "one person can't, that's why I have assembled one of the best management and consulting teams to ever enter the network marketing arena."

David Manning has now started a new company. It is called the MANNING GROUP LLC, It will be made up of many of the members and business associates that have helped launch TraVerus Inc, HI5 Inc., and 5 Continents Network LLC (5C Network LLC,). The MANNING GROUP LLC, owns 20% of TraVerus Inc., 20% of HI5 Inc. and 10% of 5 Continents Network LLC. TraVerus and HI5 have created a combination Founder's Appreciation Package. David Manning will give one FREE unit of ownership to the first two thousand individuals that purchase the Founder's package in the MANNING GROUP LLC. As owners, all of the members will share in the net profits and success of all three companies and share the same goal to help each company become the best it can be and help change lives for the better around the world.